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WebSite and server Monitoring

Web Page Analyzer - Free Website Performance Tool and Web Page Speed Analysis

Website Speed Test - HostPulse.com has developed a performance speed test on several web host providers to determine the response time from several locations in North and South America. Enter your website address or your web host provider's website address and compare with the rest.

Is your Website available? - SiteUptime is a free website monitoring service that watches your website 24/7/365 and notifies you if your becomes unavailable. Website downtime can mean lost revenue and profits. In addition, users to your website may not return if they experience a connection failure. Register for an account today and let SiteUptime monitor your website for free.

QuickCheck domain

Check the status of your website instantly. Enter your domain name or URL below and click "Check".

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AlertSite - 30-day Trial; Monitor up to 3 URLs every 10 minutes, with email/pager notification (also can check URLs manually from home page for response time).

Alvias- Checks up to 5 URLs or services every 5 minutes, and alerts are sent to any e-mail device (pager, pda, laptop, etc.).

AtWatch - 14-day trial, checks URL every 2 hours.

GlobalSiteMonitoring - 1 Year Trial; Monitor 1 URL every 20 minutes, with email notification.  Also, daily site accessibility reports for 30 day trial.

HumanClick - Monitor who is visiting your site, and allow them to chat with you free (if they have JavaScript browser).

IntraForms Web Monitor - Web Monitor checks web sites for modifications, slowdowns, and failures once an hour - twenty four hours a day. When an error occurs it collects diagnostic information (including a trace route) and emails designated people. The service features one step sign-up/monitoring, a single administration page, and an easy-to-read status graph.

LinkAlarm - Trial 100 points (pages).  Checks every link on up to first 100 pages of website, up to once a day, and emails a report.  Has an affiliate program to earn money, or more points for continued service.  Additional points only 1 cent each.  To conserve points, you can specify particular page(s) or directory(s) to check.

PingALink - 1-hour interval monitoring with email alert.  88x30 button required on home page.  Also 30-day free trial of their full service option.

RedAlert -  30-day trial, checks URLs (http, https; SMTP, POP3, IMAP, telnet, DNS, IRC, gopher, news, finger, or ftp servers; or an unspecified TCP device) every 15 minutes with email/pager notification and optional daily reports.  Many advanced options.

SiteGadgets - Monitor up to 5 URLs, with email/pager notification when site is down and back up.

UpTime - Monitor 1 URL periodically (currently every 15 minutes), with email notification when site is down and back up.

WatchMyWeb - Monitor 5 URLs every 30 minutes, with email/pager notification.  Also monitor for content keyword(s) changes.

WebAssure - 30-day trial, checks 1 URL (http, https, SMTP, news, or ftp) every hour with weekly report and email notification.

WebPartner - Trial period (not specified); Monitor 1URL every 15 minutes, with email notification, and weekly performance report (also can check URLs manually from this page for response time and other graphical statistics).

WebsiteWatchers - Download shareware program (Ringsys WebMonitor) - requires permanent internet connection.

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